What Makes a Great Presenter

This month’s blog has been inspired by my recent participation in the Canadian Fitness Professional’s conference (CanFitPro), the largest fitness conference in the world held right here, in Toronto, Ontario.

I always look forward to attending a few good workshops at the CanFitPro conference. In addition to being an informative event, I am continually fascinated by the caliber of presenters and trainers that this conference draws. Brimming over with informative content, these professionals know how to reach their audience in a meaningful and inspirational way.

So what makes a great presenter? We’ve already been told many of the basics: speak clearly, know your material, be organized, practice, and so on. Most presenters practice the basics if they want to be ‘good’ but being ‘great’ requires a little more. Great presenters seem to consistently bring their personality to their presentations.

Great presenters…

…have their own unique style. Are you naturally funny, cerebral, light-hearted, or controversial? There’s no one right way to present, so you don’t need to model yourself after someone else. Matching your presentation style with your natural personality and preferences will make you shine.

…are 100% authentic and real. Sincerity goes a long way in building credibility. If your audience perceives you as genuine and real, they will be more willing to trust you and listen to what you have to say. So go ahead and be yourself, everyone else is taken.  🙂

…are passionate about their topic. I’m not necessarily referring to the rah-rah – woo-hoo kind of enthusiasm here. But do you believe in your message even if you relay it quietly and with conviction? Enthusiasm is infectious, and if you are engaged and interested in your topic, your audience will be too.

Most of us want to be the kind of presenter that audiences will enjoy. The more of your personality you bring, the more engaging and dynamic you will be.

Do you want to discover the great presenter in you? Check out last month’s blog article for Myers-Briggs Type resources that will help you learn about your unique personality and presentation style.