Management Development

Equip managers with skills to improve business performance in their current role and lay a solid foundation for succeeding across all leadership roles.

Participants apply research-based tools and proven techniques to their real life work projects to build stronger teams, manage performance, develop employees, and lead change.


Download the program information in a single file.

  • Utmost Flexibility. Complete the full program, a one-day workshop, or an individual module on a topic of your choice.
  • Targeted Learning. Four one-day workshops teach skills in key areas essential for success in leading others.
  • Customized To Your Needs. Mix and match 16 standalone modules and opt for coaching support to develop performance.
  • Real Life Practice. Apply tools and techniques to your workplace examples and gain quality feedback and new perspectives.
  • Personal Roadmap® and Action Plan. Personalize your learning after each module and create an action plan that immediately improves business performance.


The program is comprised of four one-day workshops, each containing standalone modules that deliver highly usable nuggets of learning.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®): Optimizing Individual and Team Performance

  • Introduction to the MBTI® Framework
  • The MBTI® Scales and What They Tell You
  • Use Type to Understand Team Dynamics
  • Modify Your Approach to Optimize Interactions

Management Skills 101: Performance Management and Development

  • Overcome Transition Hurdles
  • Align Goals
  • Motivate, Delegate, and Recognize Achievements
  • Give Feedback and Appraise Performance

Foundations of Leadership: Leading and Managing Well

  • Forces Affecting Your Role
  • Adopt Effective Behaviours
  • Adapt Your Leadership Style
  • Coaching Conversations

Leading and Managing Change: Ensuring Operational Readiness

  • Types of Change and Challenges
  • Plan for and Predict Change Success
  • Manage Reactions and Influence Change
  • Create a Change Management Plan

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