Equip managers with skills to improve business performance in their current role and lay a solid foundation for succeeding across all leadership roles.

Participants apply research-based tools and proven techniques to their real life work projects to build stronger teams, manage performance, develop employees, and lead change.


Downloadable .pdf document of Team and Management Development Program
Download the program in a single file.
  • Utmost Flexibility. Complete the full program, a one-day workshop, or an individual module on a topic of your choice.
  • Targeted Learning. Four one-day workshops teach skills in key areas essential for success in leading others.
  • Customized To Your Needs. Mix and match 16 standalone modules and opt for coaching support to develop performance.
  • Real Life Practice. Apply tools and techniques to your workplace examples and gain quality feedback and new perspectives.
  • Personal Roadmap® and Action Plan. Personalize your learning after each module and create an action plan that immediately improves business performance.


The program is comprised of four one-day workshops, each containing standalone modules that deliver highly usable nuggets of learning.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®): Optimizing Individual and Team Performance

  • Introduction to the MBTI® Framework
  • The MBTI® Scales and What They Tell You
  • Use Type to Understand Team Dynamics
  • Modify Your Approach to Optimize Interactions

Management Skills 101: Performance Management and Development

  • The Role of a Manager
  • Align Goals
  • Motivation and the Art of Delegation
  • Recognize Performance and Give Feedback

Foundations of Leadership: Leading and Managing Well

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Adopt Effective Behaviours
  • Adapt Your Leadership Style
  • Coaching Conversations

Leading and Managing Change: Ensuring Operational Readiness

  • Types of Change and Challenges
  • Plan for and Predict Change Success
  • Manage Reactions and Influence Change
  • Create a Change Management Plan

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