Why Complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is the most valuable psychometric instrument you can have in your learning toolkit. From focussing your career aspirations to improving communications and building better relationships, it provides a framework you can use time and again for life-long development.

What You Will Receive

We want you to get the most benefit from your experience with the MBTI® assessment. We work within the code of ethics set out for certified MBTI® practitioners to offer you:

  • Access to the genuine online MBTI® assessment
  • A personalized results report on a topic of your choice
  • A one-hour interactive feedback session with a certified MBTI® practitioner
  • Activities to help you determine your true type
  • Three data points to understand what your type means to you
  • Actionable suggestions on how to apply personal insights to your career, work, and life
  • Free support material to reference during the interactive feedback session
  • Recommended resources for further learning and application

COJG-friendly invoices are available for eligible employers who sponsor their employees to complete this training.

How It Works

  1. Choose a focus for your MBTI® report. (Click to view sample reports).
  2. Register to take the assessment by completing this Registration Form and email it to gabe@rtbconsulting.ca
  3. We will send you a secure link to take the official MBTI® assessment upon receiving your Registration Form and payment. We will also schedule your one-hour interactive feedback session with a certified MBTI® practitioner.

NOTE: You must first complete the interactive feedback session to receive your personalized results report.

MBTI® Assessment Service

This service includes one set-up and administration of the MBTI® assessment and is intended for individual use.  For team workshops and organizational uses, please contact us.