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Working with Gabriella on the PLAR project was definitely one of the best experiences I have had in my current role. The assessment tool she created is instrumental in guiding foreign trained professionals to acquire Canadian credentials and build a successful career. Gabriella was prompt and thorough in delivering an assessment tool that we truly considered a masterpiece!



Katerina Belazelkoska, Ph.D., Program Manager, Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC) Program, Ryerson University

WOW it was an incredible gala launching the Online Career Transition Platform in the nation’s capital last week, and at the top of our minds is the outstanding focus and collaboration from our team, including you! This has truly taken a village. People have been blown away by what we’ve created.

AND it will undoubtedly have a major impact on the specialty groups using the platform as they work towards their next careers.

Thanks for your support – your collaboration and instructional design prowess was critical to our success! Hope to work with you again very soon!

Jessica Knox, Chief Executive Officer, Metrix Group

Thank you for the great session. I learned a tremendous amount and although I am not job searching it has allowed me to reflect on my career direction and current position. After sitting down with my CAO to discuss my professional development plan, I have a better idea of what the Township is looking for and they have a better idea of my direction. This will make for a much more cohesive working arrangement. Thanks again. I will highly recommend your program. 

Jeff VanRybroeck, Municipal Fire Chief

“Gabriella, you are personable and your experience brings a wealth of insight into how to proceed in career transition. Your professional assessment skills and resources confidently prepared me for all aspects of job search including self-discovery, search skills and job interviewing. Your positive energy gave me confidence in future prospects choices. Thanks again for all your support during my transition.”

“At certain moments in your career you need to step back, reassess and to consider all of the options. That is the exciting position I was in and I took the advice of a trusted colleague and contacted Gabriella Fermo to help me out. Gabriella challenged me and helped me to see and to assess things from a different perspective. She provided valuable insight into career challenges, and coached me on positioning my expertise and, more importantly, on refocusing my passions. She is a good listener and a solid advisor whose business knowledge, resources, and tips have helped me to gain greater clarity and focus. I would recommend Gabriella’s coaching services to others.”

“Gabe’s ‘rapid coaching’ style is loaded with creativity and insight. She’s a quick study who communicates with warmth, enthusiasm and precise language. Gabe is a great resource and I would definitely recommend working with her.”

“I have had the good fortune to connect with Gabriella. She is guiding me to achieve my long term career goals. She is a great listener, provides input, shares her experience, helps to build my network expand my knowledge, and directs me on the right path. I found her highly competent as a mentor.”

Participant Feedback, Various Career Programs

Gabriella, thank you for your contribution to my classes. Your presentation on MBTI and its use in team building and in project management environments was informative, interactive and fun. I personally appreciated your ability to connect the subject matter with both textbook theory and the ‘real world’. Based on the comments from all the classes, the information you shared was not only enlightening, but it also left everyone with highly usable ideas and suggestions. I valued your subject matter expertise and enthusiasm for the topic. Looking forward to working with you in future!

Amulya Gurtu, Ph.D., MBA, MS, PMP®, Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay