It can be challenging to allocate sufficient resources to roll out large-scale business initiatives while continuing to meet ongoing deliverables and deadlines.

We consult with SMEs and analyse various data sources such as business requirements, user stories, process flows, existing documentation, surveys, and other anecdotal data to quickly plan, manage, and deliver the learning and on-boarding aspects of your next technology rollout, new product launch, or pending competency development initiative.

We offer:
  • Needs Analysis:  Devise a learning and performance development strategy that aligns with the needs of your project
  • Performance Consulting: Proactively pinpoint and resolve the imminent issues that may causes gaps in performance
  • Program Design: Identify the methods and modalities best suited to teaching new skills and supporting performance
  • Instructional Design: Convert information into instructional content and activities that aid in learning and retention
  • Evaluation Strategy: Create an evaluation strategy that measures the impact of your learning programs and ROI
  • Train-The-Trainer Support Services: Strengthen the instructional skills of technical experts who provide training
  • Change Advisory Services:  Ensure a smooth rollout by identifying people impacts and mitigation strategies upfront
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