Six Strategies for Impactful Writing

This month’s article is dedicated to the Clear Writing workshop participants. It is always a pleasure to deliver learning material on topics that are relevant, timely, and useful. Many thanks to the Centre for Education and Training for inviting me to deliver Clear Writing workshops. I learned early in my change management work that clear … Continue reading Six Strategies for Impactful Writing

Free Learning Resource that Helps You Make a Difference

This month’s post features a United Nations sponsored website which let's you expand your vocabulary while you "earn" rice to feed the hungry. Do you like to learn?  How about helping the less fortunate?  Here is the website that can help you to do both. FreeRice, a website run by the United Nations World … Continue reading Free Learning Resource that Helps You Make a Difference

What Makes a Great Presenter

This month’s blog has been inspired by my recent participation in the Canadian Fitness Professional's conference (CanFitPro), the largest fitness conference in the world held right here, in Toronto, Ontario. I always look forward to attending a few good workshops at the CanFitPro conference. In addition to being an informative event, I am continually fascinated … Continue reading What Makes a Great Presenter

Top Ten MBTI® Reading List

This month’s blog has been inspired by the many questions I receive on how to ‘self-study’ your way into understanding personality type. Check out these great books on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for a good read as well as longer-term benefit potential. (You can purchase hyperlinked book titles directly from 1. Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type … Continue reading Top Ten MBTI® Reading List