What Makes a Great Presenter

This month’s blog has been inspired by my recent participation in the Canadian Fitness Professional's conference (CanFitPro), the largest fitness conference in the world held right here, in Toronto, Ontario. I always look forward to attending a few good workshops at the CanFitPro conference. In addition to being an informative event, I am continually fascinated … Continue reading What Makes a Great Presenter

Teaching to Personality Type (Part 2)

The following article is the second part of a two-part series on Teaching to Personality Type. Read Part 1 to review some popular learning styles for different MBTI® personality types.  Here’s what I reaffirmed when I put my insight to use in the classroom…. Different people like to learn in different ways. One of the … Continue reading Teaching to Personality Type (Part 2)

Teaching to Personality Type (Part 1)

The inspiration for this month’s post comes from teaching at a local community college. How would you go about hooking up your new universal remote control? Would you read the instruction manual, ask someone to explain how it works, or learn through trial and error?  What would you like to know about your new gadget … Continue reading Teaching to Personality Type (Part 1)